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Alternative Fuels Working Group



FTA Ireland have been doing a lot of work in the space of environmental management within commercial fleet operators over the last 10 years. The FTA Ireland TruckSafe™ and VanSafe™ standards focus on how commercial fleet operators are managing their fuel burn. It audits operational compliance in the areas of road safety, haulage operations, roadworthiness, working time and environmental efficiencies. As an operational compliance audit both TruckSafe™ and VanSafe™ are encouraging members to have sustainable and pro-active management systems in place. This has the added benefit for members by helping them reduce their carbon emission, reduce costs associated with fuel purchasing and aid their transition to alternative fuelling technologies whilst staying safe on the road. Members are required to submit a 3-year fuel efficiency and management plan as part of the annual audit. Litres used, and Kilometres driven are collected from members to the scheme each quarter. FTA Ireland members have saved over 2.5million litres of diesel fuel. This is the equivalent of over 7million Kg of CO2e .

Alternative Fuel Working Group

The FTA Ireland Alternative Fuels Working Group has been established for 3 years. The FTA Ireland TruckSafe Standard has incorporated fuel efficiencies and environmental standards as part of our member annual compliance audit. The standard is supporting members by recognising the highest standards of operational compliance, safety and professionalism. The Alternative Fuels working group expands upon the objectives by the association to support our members through expert advice and guidance that supports strategic planning and decision making those deliveries efficiencies and promotes competitiveness. The working group has over the years also supported the FTAI policy position on alternative technologies and aided our engagement with key stakeholders to understand  the issues for the logistics sector in transitioning to alternative fuels but most importantly to develop collaborative relationships that endeavour to deliver clear roadmaps to net zero that takes account of the complexities of transition whilst supporting the sustainability of businesses within the freight distribution and logistics sector. To participate in this working group please email or phone 018447516.

Road to Decarbonisation

Road to Decarbonisation

Decarbonising the Road Freight Sector

FTA Ireland are delighted to introduce the first ‘decarbonising commercial fleet report that will provide plenty of food for thought as we grapple with understanding the challenges decarbonisation poses from a cost and timeline perspective.


Whilst there are many challenges to reducing emissions, progress is being made and there are many examples of leaders in the industry who have moved to alternative fuelled commercial freight distribution such as CNG fuelled (now 100% Biomethane) and the first fully electric articulated trucks have been introduced in Ireland in 2023. The Freight Transport Associations’ Alternative Fuel Working Group is presenting compelling evidence of a strong ambition to decarbonise within the industry. Nonetheless, significant challenges persist. Consideration must be given to understanding the cost associated with transitioning to newer fuelling technologies, the availability of the technologies, the lifespan of the new technologies and most importantly the infrastructure available to support the effective transition to newer fuelling technologies. One could reasonably infer that for the introduction of new technologies to be viable, they must align with business interests, demonstrate sustainability by offering long-term solutions, and, critically, remain affordable.

Alternative Fuel – Challenges to Transition

Alternative Fuel – Challenges to Transition



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