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Eco Fleet


What is EcoFleet?

Ecofleet is a system whereby a company who is demonstrating fuel savings can receive a financial support to contribute to those savings. Typically for every 10,000 litres a company saves on fuel usage they receive a payment of €1,000. 


FTA Ireland recommend that all TruckSafe members report their energy savings.

What are my commitments?

1. To implement a fuel saving programme by allocating time to saving fuel. 1. To implement a fuel saving programme by allocating time to saving fuel.
2. To provide fuel and energy savings figures to Enprova and if requested to SEAI on a quarterly basis – litres used and km driven. 2. To provide fuel and energy savings figures to Enprova and if requested to SEAI on a quarterly basis – litres used and km driven.


How does your fleet perform against  Irish, UK or EU benchmarks? ECOfleet provides insight and benchmarks based on measured performance from our anonymised database, UK or EU benchmarks.


When customers ask for proof of  your fleet’s environmental or energy performance e.g. for their  ISO50001 systems: ECOfleet give you an independent certificate of performance, that protects your commercially sensitive data.


We train you, support your team, measure and verify your fuel performance savings (quarterly).  Enprova reward those savings with a bonus, paid annually.

What Our Members Say

“Zellwood Ltd is one of the country’s leading contract management and logistics solutions providers. Established in 1995 Zellwood Ltd is a family run Business, located in North County Dublin, specialising in services for Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Over the past 25 years the company has grown substantially to become one of Irelands leading retail temperature-controlled distribution solutions provider. We believe that the transport industry in constantly evolving and we have endeavoured to adapt our services to meet all our customers’ requirements. We have developed our ‘one stop shop’ capability over the years and Zellwood Ltd main objective is to provide the ‘complete distribution solution’ for each customer. We are proud to hold the FTA Ireland Gold Trucksafe Standard


Zellwood joined FTA in 2015 and signed up to Ecofleet in 2017 helping us to achieved Gold Standard in 2019 and further to Gold with Green standard in 2022. Quarterly uploads only take a matter of minutes, once you have done your homework with your telematics information. I would point out that they would see saving in two ways, Reduction in their weekly diesel cost plus carbon footprint and on top of all that they would reserve the yearly rebate on their improvement on the previous year.



We have had fuel savings of 433,769 litres to date and this has become a big interest with our existing customers.


We are now operating with a new fleet spec which is specific to our needs for chilled delivery and fuel economy. Zellwood are focusing on alternative fuel sources and are currently trailing a vehicle running on HVO (Hydrated Vegetable Oil) on a trail bases with the view to rolling it out to the entire fleet over the coming months. This will have a 90% reduction in carbon emission compared with diesel. Plus we will be introducing an electric rigid to the fleet over the coming weeks. Furthermore we have rolled out Aptarus Online Training to all employees to improve driver’s road safety awareness as well as fuel economy. The online training has a big focus on safety with drivers being assigned refresher training if he / she has a recurring problem with driver safety e.g. anticipation, harsh braking”

Damien McCoy, Zellwood


ECOfleet is a scheme that members of FTA Ireland may sign-up to in order to register for funding for fuel saving initiatives.

Members may register with ECOfleet by completing and submitting the form below.

If you are already registered, please sign-in using the facility at the bottom of the page.




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