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Road Safety



From our establishment, our Members have demanded that FTA Ireland develop and implement an industry wide standard that facilitates a path to continuous operational compliance but also provides recognition for commercial fleet operators in the ‘Own Account and ‘Haulage’ sector that meet their minimum legal operational obligations and from that endeavour to achieve sustainable operations through efficient fuel management and continuous professional development.

Road safety policy overview

Road Safety is very important for FTA Ireland and we encourage good ‘driving for work’ management practices.


FTA Ireland are represented on the Health & Safety Authority Work Related Vehicle Safety Committee. Developing and promoting safety messages to be incorporated in FTA Ireland Service delivery and publications is very important in sustaining a focus on promotion of key safety messages at every opportunity. FTA Ireland has developed Driving for Work handbooks for members, cycle road safety tips posters, walk around check guidance, health and safety statements, safety compliance audits as well as delivering on driver training and assessments.


FTA Ireland TruckSafe™ & VanSafe™ standards are leading the way in providing independent verification of compliance standards for commercial fleet operators.


With more regulatory compliance and focus by the Road Safety Authority Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Index (CVORI) on defining compliance standards the FTA Ireland auditing standards are driving a culture of compliance within the membership whilst rewarding and recognising high levels of professionalism and compliance by our members.


 Point 1: The RSA has implemented a risk rating system Point 1: The RSA has implemented a risk rating system
 Point 2: Self-Declaration Point 2: Self-Declaration
 Point 3: Inspection & Maintenance of Vehicles Point 3: Inspection & Maintenance of Vehicles

Policy Overview Points

Point 1 :

The RSA has implemented a risk rating system for heavy commercial vehicle operators. The risk rating system, which is called CVORI (Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator) aims to improve the safety of heavy commercial vehicles on our roads, making journeys safer for all.

  • If you are a commercial vehicle operator you may be inspected by the RSA either at your premises or your drivers might be stopped at the roadside .
  • The RSA will use the CVORI risk rating system as a tool to help decide which operators should be inspected.


Point 2 : Self-Declaration

All operators of Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) are required by law to make an online ‘Self-Declaration’ to the RSA in relation to their Heavy Goods Vehicles, Goods trailers, Buses and Ambulances.

Point 3 : Inspection & Maintenance of Vehicles

As the owner or user of a commercial vehicle you are required to develop and put in place systems for the regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles; there are two types of inspection which must be undertaken:

On completion of this course a certificate of attendance will be
issued to all participants.

  • Pre-planned preventative maintenance checks
  • Daily walk around checks

Take extra care on the road

Remember your blind angle prevents you from seeing smaller road users (cars, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians) close to your vehicle. Pay particular attention when:
Turning, in case a vehicle is over-taking in your blind angle & reversing, especially if the driving wheel is on the “wrong” side.

Don’t continue driving if you feel drowsy – STOP! Get out of your vehicle, stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

Respect legal requirements related to driving and rest times. Non-compliance or tampering with the tachograph is illegal and implies a lack of respect for human lives. Use your rest hours…TO REST!

Try to anticipate problems. Avoid sudden braking and acceleration which may be dangerous to other road users, waste fuel and generate extra pollution.

Take extra care on the road


The RSA is responsible for enforcing EU and national transport legislation on tachographs, EU driver hour rules, Road transport working time directive and the licensing of road haulage and passenger operators to engage in hire and reward operations. Since 2009 the RSA have initiated prosecutions against drivers and operators in respect of breaches of this legislation and since then there has been a significant year on year increase in the number of prosecution cases completed.


Haulage licences are issued by the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport from their office in Lough Rea Co Galway.

Yearly Totals Of Enforcement Prosecutions




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